Buchner Bründler


Buchner Bründler Architekten

Transformation of the railway line in Altdorf into a New Railway Link through the Alps (NRLA) requires conversion of the train station in Altdorf to a cantonal train station. InterRegio and InterCity trains passing through the Gotthard Base Tunnel are to stop here, which is why the train station should also serve as a public transport hub. A distinctive service centre appropriately lining the Bahnhofstrasse is desired.

The precisely set, clearly cut structure establishes new relations in the immediate neighbourhood: the elongated form spatially unites the incoming routes and the Bahnhofplatz. The urban scale and its geometrical regularity make the structure look superordinate and representative – thereby creating a new centre. The linearity and close proximity of the railway and bus lines characterise the building: the profile section is developed into a structure that translates the path of forces both to the inside and outside of the building. The concept is based on a framework construction with a layer of beams located above. The suspended supports of the front facade conduct the loads of the building overhang to the beam layer via a connecting architrave. Two rows of vertical cross pillars on the ground floor, which are visible from all sides, conduct the forces into the ground.

A three-dimensional appearance is achieved by means of the suspended supports of the facade facing the square, which are set back for each storey. Artificial stone and in-situ concrete enter a structural symbiosis in the building elements. Visible local stone inclusions in the concrete anchor the structure in its context. The building is symmetrical on four sides and zoned by two open stairwells. Uniformly staggered spatial zones are created, which can be flexibly subdivided depending on use. The ground floor is an open hall populated with columns.