THE PERIGON . Miami Beach

OMA / Jason Long . ODP Architecture . + florida yimby

Situated at the center of a rare section of Miami Beach that spans from Indian Creek to the Atlantic Ocean, The Perigon is shaped by its unique site and the potential of dual-waterfront living. Led by Partner Jason Long, OMA has designed the building as a series of “towers” rotated to orient views away from neighbors and towards the Atlantic Ocean and Biscayne Bay. The towers are merged and lifted 45-feet above the flood line into a singular form that both responds to the potential for panoramic views and frees the ground-plane. A subtle contrast in shape between the towers—organic meeting orthogonal—highlights their juxtaposition.

Residential developments in Miami Beach are typically fortresses at the ground, turning their backs to pedestrians and drivers along the island’s main boulevard, Collins Avenue. What results are urban walls blocking off views and access to the ocean for the rest of the city. At the base, the bundle of towers is carved to create a dramatic entry along Collins and shaded exterior amenities facing the beachfront. Mirroring the lifted underside, the top of the building terraces down to address the city and the ocean.

The site is defined by paths that echo the geometries of the tower. The braid-like circulation delineates amenity spaces and creates pockets of discovery within a lush landscape—from quiet gardens to serene water features. Within the interlocked towers, 82 units with floor-to-ceiling windows and broad terraces combine the intimacy of single family villas with the vistas of high-rise living. Across the building’s façade, curved and straight terraces alternate to subtly emphasize the smaller “towers” and create a sense of rhythm as one moves around them.

Mast and Starwood have launched reservations at The Perigon in March of this year. Construction on the 408,000 sf development is scheduled to begin in November 2022 and expected to complete in 2025. The project will obtain LEED Gold certification once completed.