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Colonia Sedó was an industrial colony built in the mid-19th century on the banks of the Llobregat river, 30km north of Barcelona, adopting the features of a self-sufficient settlement with facilities for its staff including housing and associated services. In the 70s and 80s most of the catalan industrial colonies were closed resulting in a gradual decline of its economic and social fabric, including Colonia Sedó, which is nowadays an obsolescent and marginalized urban settlement.

Re-colonizar aims to transform this site into a vibrant place of exchange, reconnecting it with the cycles and rhythms of the natural environment and betting on circular processes in order to minimize the ecological footprint and the consumption of non-renewable energy, relying on the following actions:
1. Creating the conditions to get the energy, water and food self-sufficiency of the site.
2. Reconnecting the site with its natural environment and improve its accessibility.
3. Rehabilitating and reprogramming the existing buildings.
4. Carrying out selective demolition to improve the characteristics of the public space and the ventilation and sunlight conditions of the existing buildings.
5. Developing multipurpose structures for future flexible and sustainable growth.

Europan 16
Esparraguera Colonia Sedó (ES)


08014 (Adrià Guardiet , Sandra Torres)