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Cargill. Vilvoorde

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architecten de vylder vinck taillieu

On one hand.

On one hand global. On one hand generic. On one hand flexible.
On one hand everything. On one hand about work. On one hand simple.
On one hand a building.

On the other hand local. On the other hand specific. On the other hand precise.
On the other hand an identity. On the other hand about life. On the other hand complex.
On the other hand an environment.
The one. And the other. But both together. The ambition.

Seventeen movements. From idea to walk.

From work to life.
Leading a building towards a world. A world that invites to be discovered.
Writing a building as a story. And make it a new world. A world to live in. A world that makes work a way of life.

A simple rectangular would have been the easiest or simpliest. But the plot makes it a trapezium.
It is context. Context that helps to change a concept into a project. Not only context. But for sure context also or even first.

The possible extends make it larger. At the same time gives place to openness. The middle. An open space as the heart of the whole. Not only a building as the idea but also that what is not building as part of theidea.

A little more then six meters is a good dimension for the width of laboratories. A little more than four and a half meter is a good width for offices.
A corridor of one and half meters inbetween is a good connection inbetween. Ideal sizes. Common knowledge. Good knowledge. It does not need more. On itself.

A continuous rhythm of columns and beams is the only structure it needs. Three lines make it complete. Nothing else needed.

An extra corridor added towards the middle. But this is not just a corridor; but rather a waterfall of staircases. Connecting every level towards the middle. But not only that. It also connects the building with the open space. As if it might become one.

Another extra corridor added towards the outside. About connecting once again. And not only connecting the spaces and rooms. But also connecting the building with its neighbourhood. With the context. With the city.

And those extra corridors are even more. Those extra corridors towards the outside are even so good to be understood as double facades keeping the climate at point. A way of nowadays approach. But from standard to experience.

Crossing the diagonal outside space diagonally. It is not only a way of receiving. It is also a way of revealing.
It makes understanding the on going and around going. At the same time
understanding the three levels above and the one level below.

Finding out the door to enter. Reaching out to the waterfall of staircases to discover further more.
Understanding yet from the moment of approach but now confirming from the first staircase on how this building works. Or rather how it might be lived.

Further on orientated by recognizable cores. Cores organize elevators and technical distributions as also distinctive storages next to restrooms and auxiliary rooms. Each side of the building has one. Our interest.
Finding at end of those staircase corridors open pocket spaces to take a pause for a moment. And continue the talk with the one that was waiting for me at the landing of the staircase. A good talk and a good coffee do well. Always. The best start.
Those open pocket spaces giving view on the outside neighbourhood, at the same time
connecting with the open space in the middle.
Taking the corridor along the outside. Seeing the city around. Arriving at the meeting room next to the offices.
Other people enter the room. The meeting will start any minute.

After the meeting being invited in a small pilot room. A room in the range of the many other laboratories orientated to the middle. Passing a central corridor in-between offices and laboratories. Clean move in
-between.Discovering a lively world around. A clear organization. But also a motivating environment.

The waterfall staircase brings us back down and leads us right into the experience centre. Convincing even more. A walk around. Once again. Experiencing the experience centre as an other walk once again.
And next to this piloting around. Visited the one that shared our interest.

We walk outside en walk over the central open space towards the restaurant.
From the restaurant on we see the city once again. Or rather the park in between.
At the same time we look back into the hart of the campus.

After the lunch we take a coffee in the bar next door. Ready for the conference this afternoon at the auditorium. Crossing the central space once again. It is a beautiful day. Not only the weather.

What an intense day. The morning. The afternoon. Picking up my bike. And taking the Cargill Path