Ecosistema Urbano

CLOUDROOM . Columbus

Ecosistema Urbano . CLOUDROOM . Columbus afasia (1)

Ecosistema Urbano . photos: © Hadley Fruits . + plataforma arquitectura

Air is the main component of the CLOUDROOM which provides shade and filters pollutants generating a healthier atmosphere below it. It is illuminated from within creating lighting scenarios that represent the changes in the earth’s climate over the past century, using environmental parameters transformed into color codes. This aims to raise awareness among the space’s users about climate change and our common responsibility in affecting its course. Additionally, the built structure is made of materials (printed fabric, ropes and wood) which are meant to be reused and recycled once the installation is dismantled.

CLOUDROOM is illuminated from within, creating lighting scenarios that represent the earth’s climate change over the past century, using three environmental parameters: rising temperatures, deforestation, and CO2 levels. The information of the last 120 years is transformed into color codes that feed the three LED light strips.