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La Samaritaine department store refurbishment . Paris

SANAA .  La Samaritaine department store refurbishment .  Paris afasia (1)

SANAA (Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa) . photos: © JARED CHULSKI

This project is the renovation of La Samaritaine, a late 19th century “Grand magasin” in Paris.The site is of great historical significance and the footprint of the building extends from Rue de Rivoli to the Quai du Louvre, overlooking the Seine.

Our design creates a “passage de La Samaritaine”, a new street with social and commercial activities that runs through the length of the existing building. It connects three full height courtyards, one existing and two new: each is unique in design and together they create an alternating sequence of indoor activity areas and spaces that are open to views of the sky. This new Paris passage is both a physical and figurative connection between the historical façade of the Sauvage building overlooking the Seine and the new façade we have designed for Rue de Rivoli.

Our design for the Rivoli façade revitalizes the image of La Samaritaine. The soft waves of the glass echo the rhythm and scale of neighboring fenestration, establishing continuity along this busy commercial street. To further enhance the integration of the new design within its urbancontext the glass reflects and transforms the surrounding environment, creating a subtle combination of the historical and the contemporary across its surface. Our intention is to establish a harmonious relationship between those parts that are renovated and those that are new.

Kazuyo Sejima Ryue Nishizawa
Yoshitaka Tanase
Loic Engelhard, Takayuki Hasegawa, Takayuki Furuya, Léa Hippolyte, Marc Dujon, Bradley Fraser, Shogo Onodera, Arrate Arizaga Villalba, Corinne Bokufa, Eloka Som Lucy Styles, Yukiko Kamei, Margot Aurensan

SrA Architectes, Jean Rouit, Clémence Saubot
Heritage restoration
Lagneau Architectes, Jean-François Lagneau, Xavier Lagneau, Patrice Girard, Jean-Jacques Brunie
Housing and nursery
FBAA | François Brugel Architectes Associés
François Brugel, Victor de Almeida