Reichwald Schultz

House R . Hamburg

REICHWALDSCHULTZ . House R  . Hamburg Marcus Ebener afasia (5)

Reichwald Schultz & Partner . photos: © Marcus Ebener

Extend, rebuild, continue building? How can the extension of a housing estate from 1933 be conceived in a coherent and yet surprisingly complex way? The architects have taken up the existing typology with the characteristic pointed barrel roof and placed a new building rotated by 90 degrees against the existing structure.

The compact, slender old building is thus complemented by a spacious garden remise with cooking, dining and living areas in a visible round vault up to 5.50 metres high. Paradoxically, on the one hand the extension is only an annexe, on the other it becomes the spacious centre of the entire house. The angular layout creates a courtyard protected to the west, where the entrance to the old building and the kitchen area of the new building are located. With the space gained in the extension, it was possible to reorganise the existing building in such a way that a generous retreat area is created on the ground floor for the owners and the children can occupy the entire attic with their own bathroom and the converted attic above.
The extension was completely prefabricated in timber frame construction and erected and assembled in one day together with three segmented barrel roofs made of CNC-milled round arch trusses. The rear-ventilated roofing consists of pre-bent titanium zinc sheeting; the vertically shuttered façade of planed Siberian larch was treated with a silver greying glaze.
In this way, the new building of the garden remise is reminiscent of the Gothic-arch barn, a barn made of round-arched trusses in the Midwest of the USA, which was popular from 1910 to 1940 and here creates a temporal and typological correspondence to the existing building.

Living area: 183 m²
GFA: 335 m²
GV: 1.017 m³
Site area: 999 m²
Site: Hamburg, Germany
Client: private
Design period: 2019.08—2020.01
Construction period: 2020.02–10