Laksevåg Waterfront . Bergen

Haptic . MORRIS+COMPANY . Laksevåg Waterfront  . Bergen afasia (1)

Haptic Architects . MORRIS+COMPANY . renders: © Fillipo Bolognese

Winning entry for the international competition to re-design Laksevåg waterfront district drawn by a team featuring representatives of Haptic Architects, Gort Scott, Morris and Company and Turner Works. The proposal aims to restore and redevelop the former shipbuilding area into a creative and productive centre of maritime industry for the 21st century.

The proposals focus on the notion of surgical repair and remodelling, with a circular philosophy of retention and reuse as the foundation of the concept. The results have no stand-out ‘eye catching’ buildings.

The design propose a renewal of the Indre Laksevåg district that puts production, in particular that with connection to the sea, at its core. A densified district of diversified fields and means of production all sit side by side in one neighbourhood. The aim simply is to not wipe away a centuries old connection of working the sea, but to allow for Indre Laksevåg to adapt so that it might continue to play host to Bergen’s seafaring identity.


Scott Doig, Haptic
Lars Ringdal, Haptic
Sherief al Rifai, Haptic
Tim Michel, Gort Scott
Luke Matone, Morris+Company
Simon Cadle, Turner Works
Fredrik Barth, VILL
Paul la Tourelle, VILL
Klaus Bode, Urban Systems Design
Shikha Bhardwaj, Urban Systems Design
Andreas Papadogiannakis, Elliot Wood

Visual by Fillipo Bolognese