Baumstark Bielmeier . Baudendistel

House by the English Garden . Munich

© Florian Holzher

Baumstark Bielmeier Architekten . Axel Baudendistel . Furo . photos: © Florian Holzherr . Drawings/Sketches: © Baumstark Bielmeier Architekten . Text: Axel Baudendistel

The independent style of this house emerged from the ambition to merge the primary lines of action from urbanism, natural space and interior connections into a coherent building. Finely detailed and precisely joined, long-format Danish bricks give the archaic building a handcrafted, timeless beauty.

House by the English Garden

Situated directly next to the English Garden, this house is constituted by the discourse of contextual references to the street space, diverse interior relationships and their interlocking with the internal structures of the adjacent natural space. Precisely constructed, the house’s style is both ruinous and archaic as well as timeless. Handmade Danish bricks and large windows made of solid oak lend the sharply cut forms and façade surfaces both scale and a particularly sensual, tactile and handcrafted presence through their nuanced light and shadow gradients. At the same time, the long-format stone succinctly clads and protects the multi-layered, modern wall construction and contrasts with the warm tones and surfaces inside the building. Solid, fortified, expansive, muscular on the outside. Sheltering, labyrinthine, playful and soft on the inside. Complementary dispositions whose supposed contrasts create tension and allow the components to flow together into a coherent whole. Here, the architecture merely forms a kind of film – a picture mount for the everyday.

Axel Baudendistel