FAM Architekten

planegg . Munich

FAM Architekten . planegg . Munich Boo Yeah afasia (1)

FAM Architekten . photos: © Boo Yeah

A single-family house with a little tower from the end of the 19th century is being modernized and expanded with a wooden extension. The structural challenge becomes the design idea.

Two reinforced concrete pillars support the old masonry in its base. Within the open floor plan at the ground floor, joists arranged in a cross shape with the supporting column at the center provide a zoning element between the old and the new.

On the upper floor, a shear-wall made of cross-laminated timber provides the necessary bracing. Contrasting with the open floor plan below, a wooden paneled retreat is created here in the annex.

The house is painted monochromatic , with the extension visible as a wooden structure. Rainy days delayed the painting – this unexpectedly gave rise to an elegant wave structure in the wooden slats, revealed only by grazing light.