Cremades . Muñoz . KRI 

Market and Multipurpose Building . Sanxenxo 

Cremades . Muñoz . KRI . Market and Multipurpose Building . Sanxenxo afasia (1)

Fernando Cremades . Juan Muñoz . KRI . photos: © KRI 

The project’s structure draws inspiration from net-drying structures used by local fishermen throughout Galicia’s public spaces. 

A spatial grid of concrete columns and beams provides both programmatic organization and flexibility in its distribution.  The construction logic prioritizes not only spatial relationships, but economizes material, defines the building expression, and creates a framework for future adaption.  Several voids are inserted to create double height spaces in the gourmet market and in the classrooms, which, despite the density of the functional program, offer a spatial breadth to the users of both the market and the center, and a connection between the two user groups.

The porosity of the structure at the ground level allows for the interior market space to have a direct and seamless connection with the exterior pedestrian space, and a “communicative” architecture allowing one to see and be seen. The project refreshes the classic market typology for a new public space, functioning as both an extension of the street, adapting to the existing topography, and an urban hall.

Competition entry for a Market and Multipurpose Building in Sanxenxo 
Fernando Cremades, Juan Muñoz and KRI 
Location: Madrid, Spain