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Cohousing Waasland . Sint-Niklaas

BLAF . Denc! . Cohousing Waasland . Sint-Niklaas Stijn Bollaert  afasia (1)

BLAF Architecten . Denc! Studio . photos: © Stijn Bollaert . + baunetz

Cohousing Waasland is part of the Clementwijk urban expansion project. The master plan incorporates aspects that are now generally recognised as essential challenges for the growing city; robust space for water and greenery, appropriate access and passage for pedestrians and cyclists, connections to the city centre and a plot size focused on collective housing formats.

The project, by BLAF Architects and architecture and study office DENC!-STUDIO, provides a comprehensive solution for the use of cohousing as a residential model. In contrast to traditional horizontal, ground-based organized cohousing, the architects merged 18 dwellings and stacked them in a single compact building, thus reducing land use, material requirements, energy requirements, construction costs, etc. Collective gains compensate for the reduction in private living space; they include additional facilities in the buildings, a collective (kitchen) garden, the organisation of mobility and, of course, the pavilion. BLAF and DENC!-STUDIO implemented the project in accordance with passive house standards, which also minimises the impact of the techniques used.

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