Annona Arquitectura


Juanan Barros Arquitectura

Annona Arquitectura . photos: © Juanan Barros

The apartment had a difficult disposition around a too small central courtyard, so we had to maintain a long corridor that already existed. The aim was to blur its limits and make it a playground for the three kids that live in the apartment.

The corridor gain space in the entrance, to make space for a shoe cupboard, it breaks again to let the light in through an ambiguous space used mainly for interior plants, which they needed for cooking, and a desk. This space makes also an entry for the kid’s bedroom.

Almost every wall is made from carpentry, wardrobes that can be used from the bedrooms or be storage spaces for the corridor. We used different types of wood, saving DMF brown wood, with a strong presence to transition areas and entrances. Wood, and cement tiles are used to create joyful spaces but yet looking to be still adequate once the children grow.

Colour was also important in the project, using green cement tiles in those most important areas for the family, places they could use in common and where they spend more time together.