SAGA . Lenherr

Chesa Via Principela No 19 . MADULAIN

Salome Gutscher, Lukas Lenherr, Madulain

SAGA . Lukas Lenherr Architektur. photos: © Florian Amoser . + archello

A listed Engadine farmhouse from the 16th century was to be spatially adapted to the new requirements and technically equipped for the future. The historic building ensemble with its residential and economic part housed, among other things, a horse changing station for the Albula Post, several generations of a farming family, and, for a short time, the village shop.

With the constantly changing uses and needs, the house has been subjected to countless structural and spatial adjustments over the centuries. After the renovation, the typical rooms, the “Sulèr” entrance room and the vaulted room of the kitchen, reappear in their original form.