Johansen Skovsted

It’s all about simplifying things

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“We like it when things are cut to the bone.”

Meet a rising star of the architectural scene in Northern Europe – Copenhagen based Søren Johansen and Sebastian Skovsted: “When you ask about minimalism in our work, or any other ism, we are not interested in simplicity for simplicity’s sake.”


Søren Johansen and Sebastian Skovsted studied and travelled together before joining forces on first projects. “So it was something that just evolved, more than a case of us sitting down and deciding to do this.” From the very beginning though, Johansen Skovsted Architects had a common fascination for architecture being “contemporary and silent”.
Louisiana Channel

Meet the young Danish architect duo, Søren Johansen and Sebastian Skovsted, who together form Johansen Skovsted Arkitekter. They here talk about their extolled colleague Jørn Utzon (b. 1918-d.2008), whose architecture they feel reflects something existential: “It’s admirable that it’s not just about the location in relation to its surroundings, but also the location in a larger context. We’re on Earth underneath the sun, the moon and the stars.”

Online lecture for Kruh (Prague) by studio Johansen Skovsted Arkitekter