Catarina Botelho

Qualquer coisa de intermédio . 2020

Catarina Botelho. Qualquer coisa de intermédio . 2020 afasia (1)

+ Galeria Silvestre

Before I knew I would write this text I wanted Catarina [Botelho] to invite me to one of her walks along the banks of the wild city. It was from there from where I wanted to write about her work: from the sensitivity of our accompanying. But that walk did not happen for one reason or another, and that is why this text must be read with the emotional particularities of those who evoke memories that are not their own. Something related to this memory’s way of doing interests me in Catarina’s photographic work. To photograph implies to record and to scar somehow. Implies to transfer the fleeting and unrepeatable encounter with the other to an out-of-our-body materiality. To take a memory of me out of me so that it has a life beyond me. I try then to look from the body and the affects that captured that moment, going from the photograph to the heat, interiority, disorientation or even fear sensation, that anyone who framed the image could have been feeling in that moment.
Marta Echaves