Townhouses Sankt Göres . Düsseldorf

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Developing the concept for our project “Townhouses Sankt Göres” we were especially taken by the implicitness and the longevity of the unagitated coy architecture that is so typical for Düsseldorf-Kaiserswerth. On the one hand, there is the “Kaiserswerther House” as a housing typology which is characterized by clear shapes, regional materials and a somewhat unconstrained reduction to the essential. On the other hand, the Diakonie buildings of the immediate context with their roman and gothic architecture are very formative for Kaiserswerth.


Bearing that in mind, our design is very much a contextual one. The surrounding architecture in direct proximity as well as the general architectural style in Kaiserswerth was key to the design in terms of the shape of the building, the façade and the choice of materials. The result is a new interpretation of the semi-detached house which plays with proportions and historic references while imbedding the building into a modern context. In reference to Kaiserwerth’s typical brick architecture the façade will be built of whitewashed brick.

While being identical in structure, both houses find their individuality in the details. Both buildings are accessed through the side entrances leading to the heart of the building – the staircase. It forms the starting point of the internal development of the building which is symmetrical on every floor. Despite the shared identity of the building, each town house preserves its singularity and does not perish in uniformity.

Project Description “Townhouses Sankt Göres”

Location: Düsseldorf Architecture: Nidus Studio Type: Housing