Harrison and White . Archier

Parks Victoria Albert Park Office and Depot. Melbourne

Harrison and White .  Archier . Parks Victoria Albert Park Office and Depot . Melbourne afasia (1)

Harrison and White . Archier . photos: © Peter Bennetts

Working with emerging practice Archier, this project is for a new pavilion in the unique setting of Melbourne’s Albert Park. A new home for the management of the park and region for Parks Victoria, the new facility is a combined office and depot. The design of the project aims to be an extension of Parks Victoria brand – is a building of the park – a ‘parks’ building.


We have undertaken the design process to understand the park and the way it is used, to work with Parks Victoria to establish the best site and to carefully understand how the users of the building work and what they need.

The combined facility provides a smaller footprint minimising the impact on the park. We seek to integrate building and landscape – green spaces are used to shade, cool and activate the building, and the project has at is heart a central courtyard space. This brings landscape into the centre, acting as a source of ventilation and light the central courtyard is also a space for gathering and mixing.

The project improves and re-activates this corner of the park – replacing an underused building and improving the surrounding landscape and adding passive surveillance to this area of the park. The project has a strong sustainability focus – it will be low energy, high amenity.