Carmody Groarke

Grossmarkt Theatre Pavilion . Hamburg

Carmody Groarke  Grossmarkt Theatre Pavilion . Hamburg afasia Johan Dehlin (3)

Carmody Groarke . photos: © Johan Dehlin

Carmody Groarke has designed a circular aluminium pavilion that will provide hospitality for a 1700-seat temporary theatre built within Hamburg’s Grossmarkt structure. The heritage listed market building was designed by Bernhard Hermkes and built between 1958-1960. As one of Germany’s busiest fresh produce markets the Grossmarkt turns over 1.5 million tonnes of goods per year, operating 24 hours a day.

The pavilion’s drum-like form allows uninhibited access to the working market site to hundreds of delivery lorries per day, while its low-lying profile maintains distinctive views to the listed market structure in which the main theatre building is located.

As one of the only hospitality spaces on the vast 27ha industrial site, the pavilion’s distinct shape marks the beginning of the theatre experience, allowing for efficient ticketing, all- weather queuing outside under its perimeter canopy and a vast square-shaped hospitality space inside for visitor refreshments at show intervals.

The pavilion’s structure is a radial cross- laminated timber frame, chosen because it is highly sustainable and enables fast track construction and minimising disruption to the operation of the market. The timber frame has a black lacquered finish, creating a theatrical environment within, while the exterior of the pavilion is clad in a bright corrugated aluminum, which subtly reflects the activity of the surrounding market. At the centre of the pavilion, a courtyard for the visitors passively ventilates the building.

Location: Hamburg
Type of project: Cultural/Hospitality Client: Mehr! Theater GmbH Architect: Carmody Groarke
Main contractor: Expomobilia Funding: Private
Start on site: 22.10.2019 Completion: 15.02.2020
Gross internal floor area: 1078m2
Gross (internal + external) floor area: 1527m2 Construction cost: 3,000,000 Euro