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HTWZ Pavillon . St. Moritz

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Krähenbühl Architekten . photos: © Laura Egger

St. Moritz is internationally known for its Altitude Training and Competition Centre (HTWZ) for athletics and for its good training conditions. This, therefore, brings many elite athletes, triathletes, runners and racing cyclists to the location each year. In order to take a further step towards improving the infrastructure, a competition was organized by the municipality in 2017, which was won by Walter Bieler and Georg Krähenbühl. They convinced the competition jury of the HTWZ – which consists of a pavilion and a warehouse – with their outstanding design.


The mobile pavilion
Since the HTWZ is geared towards competition training for summer sports and the polo field must also be available for other events in winter, the changing room building was designed as a temporary building and mobile construction. For example, the pavilion can be set up at the finish line in spring and dismantled again in the autumn. A specially developed joining principle for the elements makes this possible.

The building was tailor-made for this location and use. “In order to improve places, we need to engage sensitively with our surroundings and require a specific architecture.” This is the philosophy of the architect Georg Krähenbühl, which is reflected in the award-winning construction project.

The “best architects” award
The quality of the Grisons building project has now been honored with the “best architects 21″ award in the infrastructure buildings category.

ST. Moritz Altitude Training and Competition Centre

Project Name: HTWZ St. Moritz / Altitude Training and Competition Centre St. Moritz (HTWZ)

Project design by Krähenbühl Architekten Studio and Walter Bieler AG, wood engineer

Architecture Firm: Krähenbühl Architekten Studio
Firm Location: Davos Platz, Switzerland

Engineer Firm: Walter Bieler AG
Firm Location: Bonaduz, Switzerland

Completion Year: 2018
Project location: St. Moritz Bad, Switzerland

Building Volume: Pavilion 439 m3, Warehouse 1115 m3
Building Area: Pavilion 175 m2, Warehouse 260 m2

Lead Architects: Georg Krähenbühl

Lead Engineer: Walter Bieler

Photo credits: Laura Egger

Additional Credits
Design Team: Reto Cavegn, Stephan Berni
Clients: Municipality St. Moritz

“best architects 21”