Eva Lootz

Tres conos . 2020

Eva Lootz . Tres conos . 2020 Patio Herreriano afasia (1)

+ Museo Patio Herreriano

There is a kind of revisionist desire in what underlies the “reverse of monuments”, from which Lootz aims at a new interpretation of history. We understand her commemorative sculpture as the celebration in stone of a significant deed destined to reinforce the hegemonic reading of the past of a nation. The installation in the chapel opposes this with the literal materiality of iron oxide, obtained from the earth, which suggests, by means of the naked presentation of the material, a return to the roots not only of monuments, but also of civilization itself. The artist thereby proposes a re-vision of the conventional narrative of monuments and suggests a new landscape, which rises up over the horizon once we have learnt the lessons of history and torn down its patriarchal vices.
Museo Patio Herreriano