new kindergarten

afasia BARDELLITESTA . new kindergarten afasia San Fermo(1)


The new kindergarten is a pavilion completely open to the landscape that defines a direct relationship with the garden and the forest.

“Direct contact with nature plays a key role in the growth of a child. These are the days on the grass. ”

By position and proportion, it becomes an integral part of the school’s existing building.
The organic shape of the roof is linked to the regular structure of indoor spaces by the creation of an external space covered by plastic forms, forms coherent with the feeling of discovery and freedom that children have in this first phase of life.

The sinuous lines of the roof dialogue with the lines of the landscape and the hills, generating a large roof that integrates into the natural context.
On the entrance side, the roof juts out defining a clear architectural moment. Below this area the canteen is the school’s canteen. A small square gives access to the different parts of the new building.

The interior spaces of the kindergarten are a sequence of functional spaces that live on relationship with the outside landscape.
From the internal patio this relationship with the landscape is special: the view is projected directly towards the church of San Fermo.