Meier Hug

Allenmoosstrasse . Zurich

© Meier Hug

Michael Meier und Marius Hug Architekten

The Allenmoosstrasse housing project is located near the city centre of Zurich Oerlikon, at the transition from urban building structures and garden city estates. The typical houses of this quarter are characterised of terraced and point houses and small commercial buildings. This varied building structure and the slightly rising terrain provide residents with generous views of green gardens and residential buildings from the 1940s and 1950s. The project proposal takes up the acute-angled property with a two-legged building. To the south the building opens to the adjoining inner courtyard and creates room for high quality living away from street noise. The house fits into the architecture of the adjacent row buildings; the front façade facing the mouth of the street looks familiar and the bay window seems to be a reminiscence of the flower window of the preexisting building.


The different colouring of the mineral plaster surfaces is due to the respective orientation to the street space. These are kept in a warm shade of green, on the courtyard side and on the front sides
of the building, the plaster is brighter. The colour and structure of the building gives the residential building a scale appropriate to the surrounding buildings. All apartments have a room layout that extends from the central staircase into the ends of the building. Oriented on three sides, the apartments react on the traffic noise by their spatial organisation.

Allenmoosstrasse, Zürich
2015 – 2018