Dorval-Bory . Bétillon

Roof house . Chiba

Dorval-Bory . Bétillon . Roof house . Chiba afasia (1)

Nicolas Dorval-Bory . Raphaël Bétillon

For these eight houses in Chiba, our proposal originates from the analysis made by Junichiro Tanizaki of the difference between the foundations of the Japanese house and those of the western house, and more specifically in the roof, in his famous work The Praise of Shadows, 1933.

From there, we decided to go beyond this fascinating analysis, exploring the concept of roof itself, to offer a new way of inhabiting a space. What would be a house if its roof, heavy and massive, maker of shadow and protective, became the only livable space? If we remove the walls, what climatic qualities can be drawn from the attic space?

Roof house
Architects : Nicolas Dorval-Bory and Raphaël Bétillon
Chiba, Japan
Client: Hacocoto Inc.