Analía Saban

Draped Concrete (26.25 sq ft) . 2016

Analía Saban . Draped Concrete (26.25 sq ft) . 2016 afasia (1)

+ Sprüth Magers

Saban borrows the idea of the fold, in part, from philosopher Gilles Deleuze, whose writings
describe the cosmos as an “origami universe” that is forever expanding and unfolding; this process also mirrors our own continual folding of the external world into our interior, subjective experience and self-image. This is a deeply connected and elastic view of reality; yet one riven, too, with faults that have the potential to crack and swallow us whole. As an artist based in Los Angeles, one of the earth’s earthquake capitals, Saban’s perpetual awareness of impending fracture, destruction, and demise carries over into her work, albeit in an oblique and even sometimes playful manner.
Sprüth Magers