Tower 9 | Papanina . Ekaterinburg

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Within the restricted ground area we carefully display the cores of the building. The main core maintains all major vertical connection. Five additional sanitary towers form in conjunction with the main core the structural base of the project.


Connected to the main core, two sidewalls allow to cantilever over the southern part of the restricted ground area. The structural height of these vertically continuous sidewalls produce an efficient structural device to expand the typical floor to the restricted southside.

The cores are connected with an open slab. The geometric restriction form a concave curve. It reduces the span between the cores and eliminates open not supported corners.

A recessed glass line forms a balcony. In extension to the interior spaces the “French balconies” enlarge the impression of the effective apartment surface through an open transparent spatial relation.

The organization of cores and outline allows to establish eight apartments per floor. Two two room apartments, three one room apartments and three studios result.

Brusnika. Ekaterinburg LLC
Piet Eckert, Wim Eckert, Karina Hüssner, Bojana Miskelijn