Lopes Brenna

Port Gitana . Bellevue

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Lopes Brenna . renders: © Filippo Bolognese images

The project aims to deal with two different scales: the small urban scale of the town of Bellevue and the large territorial scale of the lake and mountains.


Two volumes which, by touching each other, define two different outdoor spaces. The first, facing inward, works spatially with the buildings on the other side of the street and will become the reception and meeting place. The second overlooking the lake will be the large terrace of the hotel restaurant, defined and partially protected by the volume of the municipal building.
The two outdoor spaces embrace the functions of both buildings, while maintaining their own autonomy, avoiding conflicts between different users. The square and terrace relate respectively to the existing fountain and buvette generating spatial, functional and distributive continuity within the entire sector.

These two spaces are connected by a covered path generated by the two porticoes of the buildings, placed perpendicular to the water that creates a relationship between the Route de Lausanne, the two new public spaces and the large existing lawn in front of the lake and the beach. Below the two porticoes are all the main entrances to the buildings.

The structural system defines the character of the buildings, which identify themselves as two new elements, pure, defined and oriented on the four sides. The perimeter system of pillars orthogonal to the ground floor and leaning from this floor up emphasises the horizontality of the surface of the ground and the surface of the water, and the verticality of the roofs of the houses, of the nearby mountains and their reflection.


Bâtiment communal et auberge-restaurant a Port Gitana

Bellevue, Switzerland


Commune de Bellevue

Lopes Brenna

Collaborators Stuart Porzi Simone Marmori

Filippo Bolognese images