La Errería *

Casa S&D . Novelda


La Errería * Architecture Office . photos: © David Frutos

Savings and dreams are deposited in the houses. In them, the fears and the illusions of the human beings are visible. The house is, at the same time, the great aspiration of a family and also the great investment of a life.


In the end, the decision to buy or build a house is an apparently rational decision, but also an emotional one, and the attraction of making it special and enjoyable is a great bet, a risk that we should all be aware of.

That ‘risk’ is what makes us feel comfortable. Indecisive between the intimate and the public, this house combines a kind of laboratory of forms in which concrete plays its specific role giving the body and the structure to the house in order to accomplish the programmatic statement expressed by our clients.

Does it want to be a message? Perhaps, but it is, from its function as a house, where it wants to settle in this uncertain world, reminding its inhabitants that all adventure requires risk.