The Vital House

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With the concept of The Vital House studio PROTOTYPE proposes a temporary health care center for the treatment of contagious diseases that can be constructed immediately close to the epicenters of future virus outbreaks.


The Vital House can be constructed quickly from sustainable prefabricated wooden elements, which can be stored in warehouses throughout the nation. Thanks to this, health care centers can be built up efficiently and effectively across the country. One of the most important qualities of the centers is the sufficient amount of intensive care units, which allows it to take in the growing number of infected people. Next to this, multiple communication rooms are integrated into the design, allowing patients to keep receiving visitors. A large green patio provides more oxygen and comfort into the building, enabling the patients to recover faster. A research center could provide faster clarity for patients about their virus status but could also charts contaminations faster. The central vein in the building is a double access structure, existing out of a separate visitor’s hallway and health care staff corridor, all set to a stable air pressure. This air pressure is constantly being monitored in order to prevent the virus from spreading through the air.

At last, it goes to our hearts to hear relatives are often not able to say goodbye to their loved ones. It is for this reason we designed a reflection space as part of the health care center.
One thing is certain: we live in a new reality, the corona virus will not be the last virus to hit humanity, therefore we must arm ourselves with a new better and smarter infrastructure.