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bergmeisterwolf architekten . photos: © gustav willeit

the settari house, built in 1913, an annex of the briol tavern, was comprehensively rebuilt. once the grandmother’s residence, each room was named after one of her children. a vacation apartment was built into the two levels, each with a joining living room. the task was to add a bathroom and shared kitchen to each room and refurbish the interior, preserving existing furniture and cassette decks.


carefully handling existing furnishings, “injecting” new elements. the small kitchen, latched between the apartment and living room, was placed in the room as a detached element, also serving as a vestibule; a glass opening in the bathroom protrudes into the living room. the static structure, two green lacquered i-beams, remain in view and become an element of the room’s design. a small addition built into the terrain, with a terrace protruding outward to the landscape. a wooden cased pavilion is home to a grand piano, so that concerts and readings can take place, like in old times.