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Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation . Lisbon

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Pedro Domingos Arquitectos

The new South Apex garden provides a unique opportunity to expand the Foundation’s park to its southernmost boundary, practically restabilising the original configuration of the former Gertrudes Park in its entirely, reinstating the city’s historical matrix.
The South Apex garden, with its intimate character protected by a row of mature trees affording a sense of history, memory and scale to the space, is the raw material for the proposed creation of a Museum/Garden, in which art, architecture and nature blend as one, generating a space of experiences and practices linked to contemporary culture.



The CAM’s new south-facing atrium “embraces” the garden, establishing continuity between the natural and constructed spaces. This new “face” will serve as the background of the garden itself, where it will project out onto. The new forms will be born rooted in the garden and moulded to the large trees. A horizontal structure slotted into the garden, with all the stony materiality of deactivated, pigmented concrete, will “rise up” sharply from the soil, creating a continuity between the garden and the new atrium. A permeable space on the ground level inviting the visitor to enter the museum.

The new entrance will be a transition space between the city and the park creating the time and distance necessary for discovering the new garden.
The two structures polarised at the south and north ends of the garden will establish architectural relationships of tension and complicity, reinforcing the garden’s closed, protected character. Architecture and nature have been conceived of as a single system, serving as a support and a container for art. The South Apex garden will be converted into architecture, activating the Museum/garden proposal.
The north wing of the current CAM (exhibition galleries) will now experience a new phase structured by the new atrium with the South Apex garden, reinforcing the axial relationships between the south garden and the north. The wing will also gain a distinct presence rebalancing the relationships between the Park’s various buildings, reinforcing its strong architectural identity.

The CAM’s southern reorganisation has led us to question the current West Wing. Its partial suppression opens up the possibility of replacing the Park’s tree-lined edge, allowing for a south/north permeability, reinstating the experience of the central axis in the former Gertrudes Park. In its place will appear a new garden with 3000m2 and an Education Centre around a patio/cloister.
All of the main trees in the South Apex garden will be preserved, with the architecture and the paths within the garden adapted to their presence. The new garden will be composed of superimposed layers of noteworthy trees and pathways marking out different time periods and relationships, as well as by the visible hydraulic system accompanying the visitor, by density and by voids, by light and by shade, and by organic and mineral matter.

Invitation Competition for the Southern Apex, 2019

Pedro Domingos Arquitectos
Pedro Domingos
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