Johansen Skovsted

ERIKSGADE . Copenhagen

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Johansen Skovsted Arkitekter

The pavilion creates a new seating place in the communal yard. The two trellis walls form a corner; a sheltered and protected back-end of the courtyard, and at the other end opens out into the rest of the courtyard. The placement frees up the open space and also creates more shelter, a place where you can easily greet the other residents who come past.


The pavilion is a wooden structure that plants can grow over. The trellis walls are made up of thin pine mouldings in several layers, which condense towards the corner of the pavilion creating depth in the wall, and the whole rigid assembly forms the structure of the pavilion. The wood will darken to a silver gray to match the galvanised steel and the existing sheds. The roof is joined with translucent fiberglass panels.

Garden Pavilion
Location: Vesterbro, Copenhagen
Year of construction: 2011
Client: Eriksgadekarréens Gårdlaug
Engineer: Arthur De Roover, Belgium