Janda Vanderghote

ShedBOX . Gentbrugge

Photo Alexander Meeus

atelier Janda Vanderghote . photos: © Alexander Meeus . © Sarah Van Hove . © Indra Jandra

An old brewery is being converted into a home.
The plot in question is part of infill project for similar houses in an inner area that is in full development.

The shed roofs are broken down. The existing concrete structure becomes the blueprint for the new plan.

A new steel structure was developed between the old concrete structure. The concrete draws itself as a pencil line between “old” and “new”.

The existing elements require a subtle interweaving of quality spaces and honest materials that enter into a dialogue with the existing rough structure. The contradiction between roughness and refinement forms a tension to frame the whole.

The new home nestles in the existing contours of the shed. This gives the house a large outdoor space for living spaces and an intimate outdoor one for the more private rooms.

The communal garden becomes the green core of the entire site.

ShedBOX, the existing concrete structure is the blueprint for the new plan.
The conversion of a shed into a single-family home in Gentbrugge.

location: Gentbrugge, Belgium
design and execution: 2016-2018
program: living in a brewery
area: 245 m2