Clément Bacle

Single house extension . NANTES

Clément Bacle . Single house extension . NANTES afasia (1)

Clément Bacle . photos: © Gaëtan Chevrier . + divisare

Design of three rooms spread over three levels. This extension takes place on an old building cut from the house already by a pedestrian dead end. The two constructions are connected by a polycarbonate walkway on the first floor. Once the existing frame is removed, the extension is built in a wooden frame with a two-slate roof. The floors of the three levels are made of fir wood joist.


The facades are made of cladding of RAL 9005 corrugated metal sheets for the ground floor and of Douglas fir wood planks for the other two floors. The blades are burnt thanks to the Japanese technique of shou-sugi-ban which naturally protects the wood by charring. By burning the wooden slats on the surface, creates optimal protection.

For this extension the blades were burned with a roofing torch.
Inside all the linings and ceilings are made of OSB or painted plywood.