Atelier 111

White Shed . Opatov

Atelier 111 . White Shed . Opatov afasia (1)

Atelier 111 . photos: © Alex Shoots Buildings

The new workshop building, located in an agricultural compound on the periphery of Opatov, is designated mainly for the service and maintenance of large agricultural wagons and machines. Facilities for employees of the whole compound, consisting of changing rooms, day rooms and sanitary facilities, are also part of the building.

The architectural expression bears elements of the typical agricultural buildings of the surroundings, but at the same time the volume is tailored for its primary usage. The white trapezoidal metal sheet cladding is similar to the cladding of the neighbouring biogas plant. The structural element in the form of a truss beam creates a distinct linear skylight in the position of a roof ridge. The skylight and side walls are designed from translucent pro.les, therefore the truss structure shows through. The iridescent .nish of the facade elements gives the building a delicate appearance, as it reacts to the light and opens or conceals the interior based on it.

location: Opatov, Czech Republic
year: 2019
Design: Atelier 111
Design Team: Jirí Weinzettl, Veronika Indrová
engineering: Michal Hamada
photography: Alex Shoots Buildings