Tatiana Bilbao

Ocoyoacac Minimum Housing . Apan

Tatiana Bilbao . Ocoyoacac Minimum Housing . Apan afasia (1)

Tatiana Bilbao . photos: © Jaime Navarro

Through Infonavit, MOS has selected Tatiana Bilbao’s Ocoyoacac Minimum Housing proposal to be part of the Apan Housing project, located in the city of Apan, Hidalgo. This project brings together 32 housing proposals of social interest, from 32 different architects, designed for 32 different locations, one for each State of the Republic. The houses will be built for use and study, in a Master Plan generated by MOS.


The original project of the Minimum Housing for Ocoyoacac, focuses on rethinking housing for this population, reflecting on the growth capacities of the houses designed from the family nucleus and in conjunction with the community to which they belong. It is intended to optimize the new municipal networks by planning the grouping of the constructions and the active conservation of the natural environment in coexistence with the new constructions, addressing the demand for housing not from serial reproduction, which entails the loss of community identity, if not from the formation of the community through the relationship between the physical elements that compose it.

Four elements are established, which correspond to each of the essential programs in the home: living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. These elements are organized around a courtyard, which is, in turn, the future area of growth. The set is delimited with outer courtyards, some of which function as an element of interaction with adjacent homes. The different arrangement of these elements will result in four different modules.

Apan, Hidalgo, Mexico

57 m²

2017 – 2018

Main: Tatiana Bilbao

Partners: Catia Bilbao, Juan Pablo Benlliure

Desgin Team Ocoyoacac Minimum Housing: Alba Cortes, Shilpa Mevada, Monica Lamela

Design Team APAN Housing: Mariano Castilla, Simona Solarzono, Steven Beltran

Masterplan: MOS

Photographs: Jaime Navarro

One thought on “Tatiana Bilbao”

  1. This is immoral.
    Using people’s suffering as self branding.
    It’s the same as rich people using trap star aesthetics with the only issue that we are talking about people’s houses.
    Someone could ask Tatiana Bilbao if she would live there.
    Main practical issue, floods.
    Second security.Imagine that scheme full of fences.
    Third. U values ? Shading ? Finishing ? Dignity.

    It’s shameful

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