Schunke . Bugoslavska

Pape Bird Observation Tower . Nica

Schunke . Bugoslavska . Pape Bird Observation Tower . Nica afasia (1)

Christian Schunke . Anna Bugoslavska

The main aim of the design proposal is to accentuate the qualities of the stunning natural site on which it is to be located. It forms an unassuming space within the landscape – some kind of auxiliary construction to allow the visitors of the park a better view over the patches of grass and water extending around them.


The concept focuses on the perception of the landscape and wildlife from inside out. The structure’s simplicity creates as much openness as possible paired with as much structure as needed which results in an contrasting alternation of open and closed spaces.

The horizontal composition of the tower and the affiliated footbridge, to some extend, blends in with the wide, flat landscape. From afar the strips of solid wood seemingly float above the grass, only by approaching the exterior pillars and thereby the vertical character of the tower become more apparent.

The construction is based on a grid of 3 by 3 meters which is rotated by 45° at the end to create more space for the three observation decks. Every platform permits nearly unobstructed views in every direction. The landings of the spiral staircase, which connects the platforms, shift by 90° with every level, so a visitors glance has been directed towards the north, east, south and west by the time he reaches the top, thus showcasing the entire landscape.

The development of a simple and economic wooden structure was the major focus of the design. The construction material has to be efficiently transported and the tower should be easily assembled on the site. The construction spans are chosen in an economic fashion – the required amount of material is kept low. The foundation – a series of posts – minimizes the towers contact to the ground, while elevating it to sit above the uninterrupted vegetation.

Wood is not only the most lightweight, easily acquired, renewable resource. It also has a beautiful natural aging process in which course it will blend with its surroundings and become part of the landscape without great amounts of maintenance.

The minimal, geometric construction walks the line between staying unobtrusive and being a landmark within a landscape whose show it does not want to steal.