Gábor Kovács

3×3 House

Gábor Kovács . 3x3 House afasia (1)

Gábor Kovács

My aim was to design a kind of modular building, which has a rectangle layout for a house. I have divided this layout into 3×3 sections of 4.5 meter length and 4.5 meter wide elements. Every element has its own function like a kitchen, living room, bedroom and so on. I have divided the load bearing walls in a grid pattern consistently on the ground floor.


Every structural element of the building is made from reinforced concrete. The four load bearing walls extend from the grid pattern, so as a result, these walls contain the vertical drains. The concrete roof has a skylight in the middle grid section in order to ensure that the interior gets enough decent natural light.
I have used reinforced concrete with a timber effect surface for outdoor and indoor materials. I have used wood materials next to the concrete in order to balance the hard surfaces which are made from concrete.

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