Tohme . Luison . Kogushi

Single-family house transformation . Quito

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Juan Tohme . Anna Luison . Kenji Kogushi

What are the limits of the new domesticity?


A re-description of the obsolete in a 60m2 house located in the Historic Center of Quito (Ecuador). The project aims to establish a new relationship between the past and present house, from 1980 to 2019, drawing new connections between the two.


The starting point was to detect the material and programmatic obsolescence, where the new look of the proposed inhabited space was generated from the indeterminate. Specific gestures, such as replacing both interior and exterior existing walls with a metal structure, featuring light enclosures, allow the integration of intimate space with social space, resulting in both an all-encompassing yet ambiguous experience for the inhabitant.

The change in thinking about domestic space that drives this project goes from the subtraction of (unnecessary) elements to the implementation of new limits, ultimately diffusing limits.

status: private client
program: single-family housing reform
area: 60m2
location: Quito, Ecuador
year: 2019
budget: 16000 USD
architecture: TOHMESTUDIO
team: Juan Tohme (Ecuador), Anna Luison (Italy), Kenji Kogushi (Japan).

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