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Herzog & de Meuron

Groundbreaking ceremony for the Museum of the 20th Centurywith the presence of Monika Grütters, Minister of State for Culture, and Michael Müller, Mayor of Berlin. The event on the construction site of the Kulturforum is a milestone in the realization of the new building.


The cost calculation is based on construction costs amounting to EUR 364.2 million; in addition, EUR 52.2 million are calculated for future increases in the construction index and EUR 33.8 million for risk costs. Completion is scheduled for 2026.


The house for the art collection of the 20th century was conceived for this specific location in Berlin. It is also a covered piece of the city, a crossing boulevard, where everyday life, artistic experiments, performances and public debates are held, where they mix and stimulate each other. No pomp and no excessive sculptural gesture is needed for the outer form. A large roof, the archaic, contemporary and clearly provocative shape of the house seems particularly suitable for this. Especially in this specific neighborhood with Mies and Scharoun, the house asserts itself - of course, without bragging, but also without hiding.
Jacques Herzog 

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