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AFAB architecture . Solano . VIBRANT MATTER. TUUSULA afasia (1)

AFAB architecture . Montserrat Solano Rojo

“Vibrant Matter” is a radical proposal based on the productive and phenomenological colonization of the landscape. It pursues “the fourth landscape manifiesto”: that is to say, urban spaces that do not come into conflict with nature but that welcome it, that merge with it and get to beat at the same frequency.


“Vibrant Matter” seeks an integrated habitat in the landscape: a neighborhood- forest. It generates a complex system capable of activating the productivity with different intensities and temporalities: a research on food community as regeneration.
“Vibrant Matter” is the opportunity to achieve the greatest poetic of the landscape from the constructive efficacy and efficiency. It generates an ambiguous architecture: dwellings in the forest – greenhouses next to the lake.

AUTORES: AFAB (Aitor Frías y Joaquín Perailes) + Montserrat Solano Rojo

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