STUDIO 17 . Bierens . Pillet

HOUSE D . Murist

STUDIO 17 . Bierens . Pillet  . HOUSE D . Murist afasia (1)

STUDIO 17 architectes . Giona Bierens de Haan . Simon Pillet . photos: © Dylan Perrenoud

“House D” is the extension of a farmer’s family residency in Murist, in the countryside of Switzerland. The new construction is attached to the existing house, a random house from the late 90’s. It directly takes its inspiration from the close neighbourhood, large agricultural buildings, typical historic farms and wooden surfaces burnt by the sun.


The new building affirms its difference with the existing, with strong lines, delicacy and innovative constructive solutions. The enveloppe is fully composed of wooden based materials. The structural multilayer panels are visible from the inside, emphasized through the circular roof opening. The outside is composed of grey wood covering the full volume, responding with the surroundings of the house.

The extension turns itself toward the large mulberry ornamental tree standing at the south corner of the plot. In summer, this tree encloses the space and protects it from the heat with its shadow. In winter the light is able to come deep into the room, with its warmth. The three opening towards the exterior are carefully designed to offer a specific relation
to the outside and a great quality of light inside as well as climatic efficiency.

The construction offers a multipurpose and flexible room to the large family and totally reorganizes the relation of the house with the exterior.

extension of a private house


STUDIO 17 architectes in collaboration with Giona Bierens de Haan and Simon Pillet

Murist, Switzerland

2015 – 2017

2017 – 2018

extension – 45 sqm

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