P.A.R.T.S.-Ictus-Rosas . Brussels

OUEST . VERS.A . ROS . Brussels afasia (1)

OUEST . VERS.A Architecture

A former industrial site in Brussels (originally dedicated to laundry), converted for more than twenty years into a campus for internationally acclaimed dance school, dance company and contemporary music ensemble. Several projects and buildings added along the years to the historical laundry.


New programs/buildings for more dance studios, integrated into a new general masterplan/reorganization for the whole site and its landscape.

status: invited competition (first prize)
program: cultural equipment (dance school and company, contemporary music ensemble)
area: 5000m² (2000m² new programs / 3000m² existing)
location: Brussels
client : P.A.R.T.S, Rosas, Ictus
year: 2019 – …
budget : 3.8M € htva
staff :
Architecture : OUEST + VERS.A (AM)
Structure : JZH & Partners
Acoustics : Kahle Acoustics
Scenography : ArtSceno + The Space Factory
Techniques : MK Engineering
Landscape : Taktyk
Security : Securisan

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