Inches Geleta

Weidmann House . Maggia

Inches Geleta . Weidmann House . Maggia afasia (1)

Inches Geleta Architetti

The valleys of Ticino and the vernacular buildings that characterise them are monolithic stone environments that modern architecture is confronted with. The Weidmann house fits into this context: the concrete roof reveals the tectonics of the building. Its evocative force recalls the pre-existing Bavona and neighbouring valleys, while the permeability between the interior and exterior spaces unequivocally speaks a contemporary language.


The Maggia Valley is the stage on which the house is located, the valley to which it belongs: the house lies on the ground, developing according to the altimetry of the contour lines and positioning itself parallel to them; a compact volume is generated that leaves much of the land untouched: a harmonious integration into the landscape and respectful of the morphology of the site.

Weidmann House


Type of building

Private commission

Project phases
2018 – ongoing

Inches Geleta Architetti

Project team
Matteo Inches
Nastasja Geleta
Marta Mascheroni

Building volume
700 m3

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