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Alterssiedlung Apartments . Sempach

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In an ideal location close to the small town of Sempach, a new senior residence home has been created. Two separate buildings were erected in the same architectural language, opening up a space that creates a clearly defined entrance situation. The five-story head building is located closer to Eicherstrasse. On its ground floor is a highly appreciated community space with a garden seating area. Along the front yard, but slightly moved rearward is the second, lower volume.


Both buildings manifest fair-faced concrete with a sandblasted façade, which is structured by horizontal joints. The additive arrangements of the punched windows provide an even overall appearance of the façade. There are a total of 15 retirement apartments, divided into 2.5 and 3.5 room accommodations.

Floor plans, transportation infrastructure, and materialization were considered with respect to age-appropriate living. Both volumes present a core structure with staircases and spacious elevators. The apartments convince with a trilateral illumination of the living- and dining area, as well as two-sided loggias, with a view of the lake from the upper stories.

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