Feyenoord City Masterplan . Rotterdam

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OMA . LOLA Landscape Architects

The Feyenoord City Masterplan, developed by OMA and LOLA Landscape Architects, in collaboration with developer STIGAM, the Municipality of Rotterdam, Feyenoord and multiple other stakeholders, has been submitted to the Rotterdam City Council for approval.

Feyenoord City Masterplan improves the connections of Rotterdam-Zuid to the rest of the city and transforms the area into a more dynamic and lively neighborhood with multiple housing typologies and an abundance of sports facilities and high quality public spaces. The development will be future proof: the masterplan implements a local socio-economic program, which promotes an active and healthy lifestyle, and offers smart mobility solutions and a CO2-neutral energy supply.

The introduction of the new 63,000-seat Feyenoord football stadium is the catalyst for a structural redevelopment in Rotterdam-Zuid. The total built program of Feyenoord City is 592.000m2 of which 396.000m2 is housing (3.550 units); 86.000m2 New Feyenoord Stadium; 61.000m2 commercial space including a new cinema, restaurants, hotels, offices and shops and 49.000m2 public program. The tidal park designed by LOLA will activate the waterfront and connect the river Maas to this new and vibrant part of Rotterdam.

OMA’s client for this private area development is development consortium STIGAM which consists of Heijmans Vastgoed, Provast and Syntrus Achmea.

The opening of the new stadium including the adjacent – first phase – developments is anticipated in 2024. OMA’s team is led by David Gianotten with Sandra Bsat and Max Scherer.