sylla widmann

Les Vergers Public facilities . Meyrin

© Rasmus Norlander

sylla widmann architectes

The project is located on the northwest edge of the Geneva urban periphery, the project takes advantage form a special relationship with the landscape towards the Jura mountain.

The program is divided into four separate volumes:
The “Voie Lactée” specialized school, the main primary school building, the social-cultural structure (housing the aula, the school-restaurant and the extracurricular activities) and the sports building. Even if these 4 structures operate autonomously, by being very close to each other, they also share some synergies. At the scale of the neighborhood, they shape a permeable complex and a network of outdoor public spaces.

Most of the public functions such as the restaurant, the sport hall and the associative rooms are on the ground floor to facilitate the public access and promote interactions between the school and the residents.
The classrooms and student facilities are located on the upper floors. All the interiors, classrooms or circulation areas benefit from natural lighting, exterior views and outdoor extensions.

The constructive system is composed of a hybrid structure system that combines the qualities of the reinforced concrete on the outside with a wooden frame structure on the inside. Around each building the concrete canopies cast in situ form a durable façade that protects the large windows from every weather condition while offering balconies and exterior spaces to all the functions.
They facilitate the natural ventilations of the premises, make it possible to avoid external blinds and emphasizes a stronger relationship with the landscape. These peripheral elements also ensure the shearing functions of the structure and allow to avoid any nucleus of stabilization, thus offering maximum flexibility to distribute the various programs.

The duality of this constructive system defines the unique its architectural identity of the project. As a public building it integrates smoothly in its context and defines a calm and singular interior spatiality.

The project will be Minergie-Eco certified even with a simple design of the building’s technical facilities.

Public facilities in the eco-district of Les Vergers in Meyrin, Geneva, Switzerland
Concours sia 142, 2014. 1er prix.