Atelier Lüps


Atelier Lüps . Museum Werdenfels . GARMISCH-PARTENKIRCHEN afasia (1)

Atelier Lüps . photos: © Sebastian Schels . + divisare

The extension of the museum concerns the renewal and raising of the former stable addition and a supplementary museum building in the courtyard adjoining to the west.
Typologically, they should express a serving character according to the historical and agricultural former back buildings on the Ludwigstrasse.


The details of the roof and façade are reinterpreted excerpts from the Alpine Form language. This applies especially to the flat saddle roof form and the wooden construction with special woodcut patterns of the façade.

The restored staircase not only serves as a vertical infrastructure, but is designed as a space sculpture with exhibition niches.
The colour scheme refers to the historical main stairwell. Together with the cool Zenith-light, the color develops a blued aura, which can be perceived atmospherically from the warm light illuminated museum areas.

By clarifying the existing floor plans – with analogous additions and connections to the new building – a development backbone in longitudinal axis is formed through the the museum, relieving the orientation. The two staircases and the new elevator are located here and now also provide barrier- free access to the existing building.
At the dramaturgical end of the museum visit stands the new two-storey hall. A bridge leads through the airspace, which enables other perspectives on the exhibits. It ends in an oriel with a view of the Zugspitze massif.

Museum Werdenfels as a temporal tissue:
“To weave one fabric, one building from old and new, whereby the old and new threads should remain visible.”

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