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Charging station for electric vehicles. Fredericia

cobe . charging station for electric vehicles. fredericia afasia (1)

COBE . photos: © COAST Studio


The first Ultra-Fast Charging Station in Fredericia officially opens. In cooperation with Powered by E.ON Drive & Clever, COBE has designed a new type of charging stations for electric vehicles (EVs) in Scandinavia. The stations not only promise to recharge a vehicle in just 15 minutes but also offer drivers and passengers a welcome break and a chance to recharge their own mental batteries while the car is being powered up.

In future, electricity will replace petrol and diesel as the fuel for our cars. However, while it takes approx. five minutes to fill up your car with petrol, charging an electric vehicle today is a more time-consuming exercise. COBE’s design for the ultra-fast charging station is based on a green rethink of the conventional petrol station. The charging station should not only minimize the charging time, but also create a meaningful break for the driver. The station takes the form of a series of structural ‘trees’, with ‘crowns’ that filter light and shade. The modular approach means that the design is scalable, and that one ‘tree’ can easily be multiplied to become a ‘forest’ depending on the required capacity.

Location: Fredericia, Denmark

Client: CLEVER

Program: Charging station for electric vehicles

Collaborators: Arup

Team: Dan Stubbergaard, Eik Bjerregaard, Caroline Nagel, Ulrich Pohl, Alexander Ejsing, Rasmus Lassen, Dorte B. Westergaard, Sofie Naver, Laura Vogt, Connor Forecast

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