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House for an Art Collector . Zurich

Think architecture . House for an Art Collector . Zurich (1)

Think architecture . photos: © Simone Bossi


The house includes living space for the client, a guest apartment and a private gallery. A loose take on a classic room layout creates an interesting interplay of orthogonal rooms with polygon open spaces. The inner rooms are deliberately minimalist, serving as a backdrop for exhibiting works of art. The ground floor is made of textured concrete, while the upper floor features smooth running concrete interspersed by two panorama windows. The fluctuating folds of the chrome steel curtains create appealing lighting effects.

House for an Art Collector
N°1409 ELK
Location: Zurich
Client: Private
Project: 2014-2015
Realization: 2016-2017
Type: Direct commission | New building
Utilization: Private house with self-contained flat
Volume: 3’700m3 (SIA 416)